Federal Bankruptcy Exemptions

In Vermont, you may choose the following federal exemptions as opposed to the Vermont exemptions.  Married couples may double all exemptions.

(11 USC § 522)
HomesteadReal property, including co-op or
mobile home, to $17,450; unused portion of homestead to $8,725
may be applied to any property
InsuranceDisability, illness or unemployment
benefitsLife insurance payments for persons who depend on debtor, needed
for supportLife insurance policy with loan value, in accrued dividends or
interest, to $9,300Unmatured life insurance contract, except credit insurance policy
MiscellaneousAlimony, child support needed for
PensionsERISA-qualified benefits needed for
Personal propertyAnimals, crops, clothing, appliances,
books, furnishings, household goods, musical instruments to $425
per item, $9,300 totalHealth aidsJewelry to $1,150Lost earnings paymentsMotor vehicle to $2,775Personal injury recoveries to $17,425 (not to include pain and
suffering or pecuniary loss)Wrongful death recoveries for person debtor depended on
Public benefitsCrime victims’ compensationPublic assistanceSocial SecurityUnemployment compensationVeterans’ benefits(d)(11)(A)(d)(10)(A)(d)(10)(A)(d)(10)(A)(d)(10)(A)
Tools of tradeImplements, books & tools of
trade to $1,750
WILD CARD$925 of any propertyUp to $8,725 of unused homestead exemption, for any property(d)(5)(d)(5)